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Assorted octopus?


Blue Ring
Nov 30, 2016
hi, I have been looking around at online fish stores like live aquaria and other. When I searched for octopus, they either say assorted or brown octopus. Does that mean you can get literally any species of octopus or a species from a certain region? These pet stores do not know what type of species they have. I was wondering if someone could possibly narrow down the possible species you could get from purchasing an assorted or brown octopus. Thanks


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Here is a compilation of links that I recommend new octopus keepers to read. The link entitled Box of Chocolates addresses the species that are commonly available and the lack of knowledge by a vendor as to what species they have available. Some vendors (but very few) are willing to send photographs that can be helpful. Photos posted in listings are rarely of the animals available. Unfortunately, most vendors do not even have information on the actual origination.

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