[Article]: Ceph Care, Past and Future


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May 30, 2000
[URL2="http://www.tonmo.com/cephcare/3yearscephcare.php"]Ceph Care, Past and Future[/URL2]

Nancy King has authored a new article about the TONMO.com community and the cephalopods we keep. Thanks Nancy for this great summary! Yet another great reference point for new visitors and veterans alike. :notworth:
Great Nancy. It's an excellent summary of where you are at, and where you are going with Cephcare. As someone who does not have a pet so does not pop over very often, it is interesting to read of the changing trends in Cephcare and the demographics of the owners.

Thank you!
Nicely done!

Personally I would hope that:

1. Bimac's get bred in UK (just as they do in US)
2. UK becomes more open minded about cephalopods being pets. It would be good if there was a program on tv or someone went on the radio informing people of why they can make good pets :smile:
A good summation of the problems encountered with cephkeeping and cephkeepers. Hopefully, 2006 will bring some answers to the questions we have in captive cephalopods.

Well written.