[Octopus]: Arthur - Aculeatus, my first octopus


Blue Ring
Jun 17, 2014
This morning Arthur died. Rest in peace my friend. It was two weeks of fun.
Isn't much else to say, but might be useful to someone to know what to look for so here is what happened: Yesterday he was acting all weird. He was standing on the bottom as if he was eating it (with empty space by his mouth) even if he wasn't. Never seen him like this before. Then this morning he was hanging on the glass close to one of my new circulation pumps. It actually looked like he was playing as he was swaying in the flow, but eventually he just let go, curled to a ball and fell to the bottom. At this point he was still alive I think, but he was definitively at the point of dying. I had to go and in hope of that he would recover a bit till I got back from work, I left him there. When I just now came back home he was laying at the same spot, upside down and curled.
I'm not giving up and will immediately try to get a new one, but as we all know that could take some time.


Sep 5, 2014
I am sorry to hear about Arthur! But real hands on experience is a valuable thing and you can build on that. I am looking forward to hearing about your next charge.