Art Student in Chicag

May 30, 2004
Hello everyone, my name is Caitlin and I am a student at the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently I am working on a series of paintings inspired by each species of octopus individually. My focus is on communicating the beauty of life (and octopus) through representation of intense texture and color. I am slowly accumulating a collection of drawings and oil paintings that I hope to gradually share with this WONDERFUL WEBSITE COMMUNITY! YAY! Feel free to email me, I have been researching octopus independantly for about a year now and any communication on the subject is greatly appreciated! I will also paint on commission if you have a subject you'd like drawn or painted. I can't post pictures of my work until I move into my new apartment but I just couldn't wait to join on tonmo as a member! Happiness!
My, there seem to be a lot of art students hanging around here! Not really that surprising when I think about it :smile:


PS> I havent been researching for as long as you have, so as a side note: I just got "Cephalopods, a world guide" by Mark Norman, and im finding it to be really helpful, as it has many excellent photographs.

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