May 15, 2003
Sorry I haven't posted much in the last 2 weeks, I was in Perth and had a great time. I also paid a visit to the Aquarium of Western Austrailia (AQWA) they had a blue-ring and a cuttle. The cuttle had a 20cm mantle and the blue ring had a 10cm mantle.

The blue ring was housed in a 50cm by 30cm by 30cm (estimate) with shrimps and anemones :goofysca: Its arms also seemed really short. The cuttle was kept in a pretty large reef tank with larger fish (groupers...etc), I'm willing to bet it could take on most, if not all of them if he were hungry. Both were sitting there doing basically nothing :?

They had quite alot of other displays like seahorses, dragons, baby crocs, stonefish and the usual stuff.
Wow...very pretty! Glad you had such a good trip...any good bar stories??? :biggrin2:
Great Pics Joel. I'd guess the blue ring was feeling a little stressed. They don't generally show off the rings unless they feel threatened.

The anemones look like zooanthids to me. I think (but feel free to correct me!!) that they don't have such potent stings as they rely more totally on the symbiotic zooxanthellae for nutrition.

But still great pics :notworth:

Great shots Joel! Sounds like a fun trip! The octo had that curlycue look to her that I have seen in some of mine, unfortunately just before they died.


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