set up a small tank so you can see the possibilities of what you can do EASILY!!

Jul 22, 2018
  1. Macro Algae Naturally removes nitrates Macro Algae on sale as low as $2.99
  2. Macro Algae provides a perfect home for small invertebrates which aid in the natural food chain - (read about how a proper food chain will change your tank for the better right here)
  3. Macro Algae adds color and dimension as only plants can in any environment!!
  4. Macro Algae helps oxygenate the water for greater health of the tank mates -- both corals & fish.
  5. A planted tank can be either in the display or in a separate area like a refugium - either are super beneficial!
  6. Sea Horses LOVE plants to hold on to and graze for pods.
  7. Amphipods & Copepods LOVE plants - this is their natural home! Pods are on sale Buy 1000 get 1000 FREE - today!
  8. Live Feeder Shrimp also love plants to hang out in!! Live Saltwater Ghost shrimp are available at



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