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aquarium journals

Apr 20, 2005
I was organizing some of my old fish tanks stuff when I ran over my old
aquarium journal.I havent wrighten in it since last feb.:wink: But I was wondering who else keeps track of there tanks by using a journal.
Interesting that you should mention aquarium journals, clownfish. I keep one - began it back in 2002. It's now in book 4 and it's been so useful as reference information. I'd recommend that everyone who has a tank keep a running journal. If you have a ceph, supplement it with photos, and if you have time, make lots of notes on behavior.

So don't stop keeping your journal - you were on the right track!

ya, after my octopus died I realy started to keep close track of everything. everytime I did a water change or tested the water I wrote it down. Since there were nothing in the tank I would record macro algea growth and live rock growth. it fun looking back and seeing all the stupid mistakes I made and then develping from there.
I agree having one is very important.
We keep a journal of test results but hmm, I think I'm going to start recording other things as well.

But I'm getting an idea about how we can learn from other's experiences - Hey Tony, can this fly? Tonmo having some sort of either calendar/journal that people could log their journal entries? I'm thinking that since you have a database of owners and their cephs, can something like that be added?

I know for me on a rainy day, I just might be interested in seeing how someone's tank grew into their current wonderful reef/octo/cuttlefish tank.
I used to keep a journal of my cuttles behavior, what they ate, etc. It was for my research notes, but I can see how it could be good for the home aquarist too. Nowadays, I just kind of know if the water parameters are a little off and I adjust. Not enough time with everything else in my life to keep a cuttle journal...
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