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Sep 4, 2006
Cape Coral, FL
This may not be the best posting place so please redirect as best suits but it appears that an email virus has been acquired by one of our members. I have a bit of an unusual set up for my email so rejections are always picked up and my email is going crazier than I am.

The virus apparently picks up random words from existing emails (I have validated that it is not MY mail sending the virus) and uses a pirated email @"stolenaddress.com" to forward the virus. The telling factor is in the left side of the @ in the from name. This is a list of some of the "from" names used and may help identify the current source:

fissirostres, cutlips, stomapod, shardana, paraquadrate

There are dozens more but most of these are pretty esoteric so I am hoping someone will recognize the group and kill the virus on their computer.
Thanks D - There are many fish / aquarium related sites that are targeted by SPAM and TONMO.com is one of those communities. If you do not make your email publically available on TONMO.com, the most likely way your email could become compromised would be if you share your email with other members (i.e., by emailing them from your email account) and then *their* PC becomes compromised.

Standard disclaimer for everyone reading, you should never open an attachment in an email from an unknown source.

I encourage everyone to use antivirus programs such as MacAfee, Norton or PC-Cillin. There are also good freeware virus / spyware checker programs out there, such as Ad-Aware from Lavasoft or Spybot. Google any of these terms and you'll find the appropriate sites for purchase, or free download.
I would also recommend AVG and Avast for good free anti-virus programs. And always run at least 2 different spyware programs (ad-aware and spybot s&d is a good combo). And if you get trojaned hijackthis is a good tool for removing viruses.

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