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anyone been bitten?


Pygmy Octopus
Nov 29, 2004
has anyone ever been bitten by there cuttle??? mine is getting pretty friendly but sometimes she gets a little playful and tries to attack me. i am so curious to see if she would actually bite me and how bad it would hurt,. but i get too scared and can never go through with it.
Outhus: of course it is going to hurt ! A cuttle beak removes a nice little chunk of flesh...I would probably recommend not experimenting in this area...kind of like taking a bath and dropping the radio in the water to see what will happen. :shock:
My daughtor Jess was mistakenly bitten by Inklet, a young bimac at the time. He didn't break the skin but left two marks on her finger!!! We used to have the video posted on site! She did more screaming than hurt!!!!
I've been bitten 4 times now by midget octis. I WOULD NOT recommend it!!! It is painful if they inject the saliva (like a bee or hornet sting but lasts longer) and there is the possibility of being allergic to the toxin.

i seem to remeber that video...though there was a lot of laughing on your part if i recall -

in the before you buy article by colling he says a cuttle will never grab your hand and always only the food though it sound like it is extreemly painfull if you do get bitten - my guess would be if you disrupt their favourite rocks or scare them they may bite but otherwise i think your safe...

please dont tempt fate though cos i have a nasty habit of predicting the exact opposite of what eventuates...lol
My cuttles never tried biting me, only when i touched its tentacles, the closest i have been to getting bitten is being nicked on the nail whilst playing tug of war using my finger.
yeh you said they dont usually grab your hand or sumthing

though now i am worried - i am scared of this tiny 3 stripe damsel cos it viciously attacks me whenever i stick a hand in the tank to feed anemone corals etc... and i really HATE it really i cant wait to take it back to the lfs for credit (a whole 4$) but i wont pretend flushing it hasnt crossed my mind) this is of course if i can catch it!!! lol ive tried nets and traps!!! ahhh mann!!!! i even impailed my hand on a stray piece of wire and couldnt pull it back off cos i lunged at it so hard with the net and needless to say i quite missed as my hand never reached the water (eeewwwww - worst memory of my life) blood everywhere - the fish liked it...lol)

will a cuttle attack you like this if you move a rock or something? or does it just happen in playing and etting carried away? somehow i dont think loosing a few fingers could divert me to another hobby...lol

no i was never attacked and the only reason i got bitten was by holding onto its food

they did try to kill me by spraying water onto me when i was holding the extension cable in my hand though :wink:
haha im liking these theories - it sounds exactly like what the damsel was trying to do - stage my suicide - taking chunks out of my wrist...lol

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