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Any Octos in Seattle, Wa Area??


Aug 13, 2004
Hi I am interested in finding someone in my area who has an Octo pet. I'd like to check out the tank and discuss what I may be getting in to. Thanks! Natalie
I live in Olympia, WA
If you know someone who scuba dives you can get a pacific giant, when they get to big put him back.
i.e. myself. look in beer bottles for babies.
Hi, and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

You have a wonderful local aquarium for octopuses. I suppose you have already visited the Seattle Aquarium.

Hope that someone in the area chimes in about keeping an octo. You might also see whether anyone in the Marine Aquarium Society is keeping an octopus.

I would maybe check with the guys at The Fish Store on Roosevelt. Although they don't have octos in the store, they are very knowledgable and would probably have some info to help you. The aquarium is also probably a good resource, but beware, some volunteers there are just high schoolers who don't know too much. Funny story about one of the aquarium's octos, it was sneaking out of its tank and eating fish in the night! The disappearances were a mystery until someone spotted it one night! :biggrin2:

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