any idears?!?!


Apr 24, 2006
anyone have any idea what he is? The name tag where i bought him said vulgaris but i never beleive them. These are the best pics i could get so far.












Ya know these suppliers lump everything under Vulgaris. Jess and I are in Pa. Our favorite LFS had 2 octopuses, both identified as vulgaris. One reminds me of a tiny dwarf. The other reminds me of G2 who we never really truely identified, but he's coming home with me tomorrow. I wish I could help you with the ID. Does he have any eyespots? He looks very much like the one I'm picking up tomorrow which does have eyespots, but very pronounced color and texture changes like G2 did.

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it does look like a vulgaris though... colorations and spikyness all look vulgaris to me... especially the reddish underside. ive got a vulgaris that looks the same way.
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some of those abdopus aculeatus pics do look like him alot but not all of them. I bought him at that pet place in lancaster, PA. They had three octos total and they all were identical except for how social this guy was. He does have eyespots but they are brownish-grey at all times. Ive never seen any blue or purple in them.
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Well....I have the 2nd one who looks exactly like yours and just returned from That Pet Place myself. The little one looked like a dwarf but was also marked as Vulgaris. Hopefully will have some pics in a couple hours.

They are really cool. Color changes are awesome. But I'm not so sure he is what everyone had thought.

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i just saw him flyin around the tank the second i walked through the front door. He def has a VERY pronounced tan/white line that runs through the middle of his body when he is excited. Do alot of species do this? He does it alot.
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Then i guess the conclusion is that hes and abdopus aculeatus.... but one last thing if it helps... i made a quick movie with alot of footage of him. BTW i named him spartan. I couldnt find a name for him that was different until i remembered a movie i just watched that was awesome. It was called 300. So i named him after it lol... but anyways, the movie link will be on this thread tomorrow and its about 7 min long... its takin forever to upload and its 1 am here so ill just let it upload tonight and then ill put the link up tomorrow morn.... thanks for every1's help!
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