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any cold water octo keepers?

Hi Derek,

Welcome back! Have you been visiting any of your octopus friends out there in the ocean recently?

We get reports and questions from people with this interest from time to time. Let's see if you get any positive responses. Don't let that stop you, since plenty of public aquariums keep cold water octos.

Andy Lister said:
I keep GPO, vulgaris and the currled octopus.

The GPO and the currleds both require a chiller to keep them at around 10 deg. c in the summer.

yah, i will probably keep rubi octopus.... i live on the west coast of canada and although there are tons of GPO's, the rubi's are a small species that won't outgrow the tanks...... still looking for a good chiller..

Hi Derek,
What have you found out about chillers? They are expensive and also seem to be noisy. But some of the interesting octopuses require one, so soorer or later, we all have a look at chillers.

I have a pacific coast chiller. It not very loud at all and works great. The only drawback is all the heat taken out of the tank goes into the air in my living room, so my AC unit has to work a little extra. If you get a chiller don't put in in your stand, it will heat everything up too much and not work well at all. The best place is outdoors and just run some piping, but that's not possible for a lot of us.

If a person lives in FL you can get a custom made chiller for about $700 that mounts outside and has a heat exchanger in your house. This allows you to have a silent chiller that can drop the temperature 20-30 degrees.
Not sure how wide spread the company is but we get chillers that treal about 1000 UK gallons from a company called Aqua Medic, try looking them up and see what they say.

I think it will probably be possible to use a small fridge or a freezer to make a chiller, I might try that and see how I get on!


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