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[Announcement]: TONMO.com Subscriptions

erich orser

TONMO Supporter
Nov 29, 2004
tonmo said:
Updated pricing model:

$5 / monthly
$40 / annually
$3 / monthly (student rate)

Students must email me personally with their school and/or university name. I'd be interested in learning about the marine biology program at your school, too! (but that's not required :smile:)

Also note that Supporter forums have been split into two: one is "Off Topic Discussion" (and new posts will NOT show up on the homepage), and the other is "Premium Ceph Discussion" (and new posts WILL show up on the homepage).

As you might guess, the former is for chit-chat and banter. The latter will contain premium content only accessible to Supporters. The Staff has agreed that Ceph Care content shall NOT be held behind the Supporter wall, out of interest for cephalopod well-being. That is, we'd hate for a cephalopod to suffer because a non-paying member or visitor was unable to get information that may have helped the user better care for his or her cephalopod.

So -- if a post or discussion specific to ceph care is made in the private forum, and if it is deemed of unique quality and should be shared with the masses, every effort will be made to do just that.

Thanks to the TONMO.com staff for helping me arrive at the right offering here.

Stay tuned for more benefits for TONMO.com Supporters...
Wow! I'm away from the internet for four days and everything goes nuts! Frankly, this move makes an awful lot of sense. Dedicated servers are mucho expensive.


Staff member
May 30, 2000
Another change has been made to the Supporters program. This change does not affect existing Supporters! For as long as you maintain your TONMO.com Subscription, your subscription payment model will not change. This change only affects new subscribers.

There is now one annual Subscription price: $40 per year. The benefits remain unchanged (access to two subscription-only private forums, twice as much PM space, etc.).

Thanks for your Support!

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