[Announcement]: Ceph Care Ethics


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May 30, 2000
Thales;94530 said:
What's the feeling about the nautilus article in TFH in terms of their being in the 'exotic and rare species' forum on TONMO?
My personal view is that perhaps TFH and/or the authors could have done more to emphasize that keeping nautilus should be reserved for scientists or the very very experienced, due to their status and challenges with care. To their credit they didn't couch it as a walk in the park, either. Their approach and philosophy is exemplified through their use of the Jacques Cousteau quote, "The impossible missions are the only ones which succeed."

I'm not trying to fault TFH, in fact I'd rather not even pass any such judgement during this exciting time for the community when they are heavily promoting our site and showcasing member articles. Obviously the magazine is not as motivated to highlight all the problems with the trade as we are, because they are more dependent on their advertisers than TONMO.com is.

The bottom line is that I understand what TFH offers and who their audience is, and I'm very grateful that they have dedicated this issue to cephalopods, and that they so warmly embraced the TONMO.com community in the process!