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Anemone question


Apr 18, 2004
Hi - i know anemones dont mix with cephs well (except sometimes cuttles - ) but this is a reef question!...so,

i know everyone says mixing anemone species is...BAD :mad: but is it ok to have more than one of the same species (pink sebae in this case) - and if so can they touch without stinging each other...(ie is their slime coat identical) -

i have one pink sebae which is a little small (about 18-22 cm around) (but kinda flat - though i feed it weekly or more)(another controvertial issue so lets not go there...lol)and want to get a pair of mature clarkii clowns so i was thinking a larger anemone would do a bit better...or have i read that they dont get much bigger...but then again i have see one about a meter wide at the pet shop - they aften get in HUGE anemones - i was dissapointed at first as i assumed they would simply die but apparently they have a good success rate!
I keep an anemone dominated tank, and have carpets and bubble tips together.

As long as you can control the alleopathy (chemical warfare) between them, I cant see a problem. Control with heavy skimming and carbon.

In your case you want to keep the same species - this is fine IMO, again, just keep some carbon in there just in case.

I have often thought i would love an anemone tank - but i spose its a question of what i want more !!! lol

Thanks for the answer - but is it ok for them to touch? (same species) i assume that it is - i mean i would assume you cant keep yours 100% seperated right?

btw what else is in the tank? clowns? (also are your clowns aggressive? to each other or to you?) - it sounds stupid i know buit i am paranoid about damsels biting after one i owned previously (very aggressive three striped! - chased me from one end of my 5 foot to the other lol)
I have clowns in mine, a pink skunk and a melanistic clarkii.

The two nems can touch, shouldn't be a problem. But they may wander away from each other anyway!!
What is a melanistic clerkii? i take it that is a black variant - i think we get them in australia! Anyway i was looking at clarkiis - both cos they are larger, available in aus easily and will HOPEFULLY host in my anemone (H. Mulu - or whatever - pink sebae)

I was more worried about the moving into each other actually!!! But thanks for the help!!! - now...how about different species? are there any that are compatible? I know a little about the "chemical warfare" idea but does that mean they cant touch or that they will just release chemicals dangerous to the other and so heavy skimming should allow them to be kept together and touch?

Will this conflict bother corals/fish? - come to think of it the lfs has an anemone tank so i suppose it must be fine - and i am sure they touch each other...hmmm
Please dont worry about them touching, if you are keeping the anemones in a suitable environement, their is nothing you can do about them touching - they move themselves you know!! If the dont like it they will move back!

As I'ver already said, as long as you control the allelopathy as I've described above, you should be fine. I wouldn't mix Heteractis Magnifica with any of the Stichodactyla species though. The allelopathy is this instance may harm corals, or even fish in the tank.

bummer! i really like the carpet anemones!!! lol (i sound like a little child in a fish store yelling "its NEMO!" lol)

ahh well, i have had a quick look - how does a bubble anemone sound - i know i can get one... just checking with someone with experience first!
in fact i just had another look and like the look of the ritteri anemones...not sure if i can get one though!

Do all anemones have the same requirements pretty much - ie i have kept my h. malu for 2+ years under halides with medium flow feeding solids every week or so... is this ok for any other variety i choose?
No they dont have the same requirements. H Magnificas (which is the accurate name for ritteris) command strong current and as much light as you can chuck at them.

If carpets are your thing, then try em out, all i'm saying is that the combination of them and H Mags is probably not wise in a mixed reef.

You have done extremley well to keep a malu for that long, so i think you know what your doing nem wise.

I have wrote a basic paper on nem care, and is on the website i mod on. PM me if you want to read, but it doesn't sound like you need it.

Tread careful, keep an eye on things and see how it goes. Control the discharged nematocysts, and be prepared to remove if necessary.
Thanks for that!

i dont think i will try a carpet nem as well - it might be pushing my anemone luck! - apparently the malu variety is very hardy once settled - and i find it quite easy to "read" what it is needing

So, of the more common species what would you reccomend to coexist (with the least amount of disagreements possible)

from what i understand another malu or malu of different color variation is fine! - carpets are more risky as are saddles - ritteri i didnt understand if you said they were ok or not - what about the bubble?

thanks so much! :oops: and sorry for all the annoying questions! :roll:
i take it you mean bubble tip - sorry im not up on the "nem" lingo...lol!

well that sounds awesome cos they are very cool! - in fact im going tomorrow! thanks so much for all your help mikey!

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