[Events & Gatherings] Andaman's Havelock Island: The picturesque coral reefs are a haven for divers to...


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Robotic Staff
Oct 15, 2005
You might occasionally encounter a scorpion fish, whose sting can be dangerous, an octopus or two and some sea snakes. But the reef doesn't have ...

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... It was only on my third dive that I saw an octopus. The creature was so shy that it hid behind the rocks. As the dive master accompanying me pushed me closer to the octopus to get a better shot with my underwater camera, I could literally see the fear in its eyes. The octopus slid further in between the rocks, but my dive master wanted to ensure I got more bang for my buck and we moved directly over the rocks to get an even closer view. At that moment, seeing the fear in the octopus's eyes, I decided that octopus is one sea food item that's off my menu. ...
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