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an update on dr. octavius. and a possible roommate


Aug 21, 2004
hey guys ,

I still love my octopus , he amazes me just watching him breath , I bought him on december the 21st and now it is almost a month since ive added him to my 240.

he still hides and does no exploring what so ever unless its when we are not looking.

ive heard that some octopus have a hiding personality and some have a active personality ,

is it posible that I am STILL NOT waiting long enough for him to start exploring.

or can I get another octo and hope for a more active climber lol.

also , I know you can keep starfish with octos ,
but would a long spinned sea urchin work with one as well.

i love these guys and I woul dlike to have another one.
Well, little Dr. Octavius seems to be the quiet type. Do you ever see him in his den, looking at you?

I doubt if he'll always be this shy. However, could you be making any sudden gestures, or coming up on the tank quickly? That could scare him.

If you get a second octo, you risk one eventually killing the other.

You can have an urchin, but not one with sharp spines. A pencil urchin is fine and would do well in a large tank like that. I had one in my 46 gallon and when he grew larger, he ate a lot of my coralline algae. But he wouldn't make much of a dent in your larger tank.

You might put some peppermint shrimp in your tank. Dr. Octavius may eventually use them as snacks but perhaps not for a while.

oh , I see him all the time , He doens tcompletely disappear, its just I have never not once seen all of his 8 tentacles interact at one time lol
Tentacle 1: Hi! I've just regrown. Last time I got bit my a crab..
Tentacle 2: Or really? Facsiting, I must admit, I do have a taste for crabs...
Tentacle 3: Drool, (wiggles around) Hey, look, I'm flying! Yeah! (Hits glass tank's edge) Ow.....Dam brain..
As I recall, my bimac spent a lot of time just sitting in her den looking out at me the first few months I had her. Later she became much more active.

Do you use a feeding stick to offer food (not possible with clams or live food, but pieces of shrimp are good). That's a way to start interaction.

he wont take dead food. lr frozen ,

what do I do keep trying to offer it anyways

so far all he eats are
maybe 3 rosey reds a week.
blue leg hermit crabs
astrea snails and nassarius snails

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