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Amount of food needed / raising your own live food


Mar 10, 2009

A local LFS happened to get some cuttlefish eggs and they were $25 for 11 of them. I knew that I would have to buy live food for them by reading threads and info on this site, but how much does one cuttle eat? One live mysis per day? I don't want to waste my time buying to few mysids or way to many at one time if the mysis will not survive long enough to be eaten. Are there any guidelines on this?

Is it possible to buy live mysis and have them breed in your tank to cut down the cost of buying live food when they are young? I am guessing no, since it seems as though all of you are buying food weekly, but I thought I'd ask.

I may need to give away some of my future hatchlings since feeding 11 of them will be expensive, plus I don't have a large enough tank for that many anyways.