Ammonite, Coelacanth an a little of a big diplodocus

Jul 24, 2003
Well i wasnt sure were to put this as its not strictly ceph.... but i was showin someone a few sights round london the other day an popped into the natural history museum for a quick gander at the dinosaurs, but didnt get chance to go to the marine section so here's a few pics i thought you may be intrested in.....

Coelacanth, I didnt know (or couldnt remember!) this was the fella that was the link between ocean dwellers and four legged reptile fella's! Well there's a specimen pic an a fossil one.

Ammonite, unfortunatley the text has come out a little blurry in the photo an my photo editor skills are quite poor at the mo!!!!

Anyway, enjoy.

Rich :D

p.s. oh dear didnt realise only 3 attachments per post!!!
Thanks for that Rich!

The Natural History Museum is a great day out (especially as it is free to get in). Did you go round the new Darwin Centre? If you did not do that, then please book yourself on a behind-the-scenes tour next time. It's great as you get to see some of the museums bottled collection close up, including some of the Type-Specimens collected by Darwin himself on the Beagle voyage. Also on display in bottles in a glass cabinet that everyone can see in the main Darwin centre reception room is a rather battered Architeuthis head, a Mesonychoteuthis beak, a sectioned Nautilus, a jar full of Spirulas, an Onychoteuthis and half a dozen others.

Also worth a look is the life-size model of Architeuthis that is hanging from the ceiling in the Marine Invertebrates gallery, bottom floor, straight past the Diplodocus and the overpriced coffee shop and first left! I tried to take a picture once for this website but it came out too dark to be worth posting, a pity.

That Coelacanth is great, are those preservative blobs of resin coming out near the tail? A lot of people think the Coelacanth is a prehistoric fish, and in a sense it is, but they tend to forget that it is not the same species as was swimming around in the Cretaceous, it too has evolved and changed as is only to be expected. Still, it is very primitive and fascinating.

Thanks for the pictures, I'm glad you had a good day out. By the way, you my want to edit your second post, you appear to have put in the Coelacanth text twice, methinks you meant the ammonite text. I've got a hunch it is an Upper Jurassic Dactylioceras, but I'm not exactly sure

Nice one Phil

Wow!! Sounds like you know the place off by heart!!!! Your better than a map!!!

I will deffo book into the Darwin exhibit since you say, sounds good.

No I only got chance to go into the first room due to time, part of my fly-by London tour for visitors is to pop into there an show em a dinosaur an whisk em off elsewhere!!! But Im passin there all the time an keep meanin to go into the Marine Inverts section, gotta do it now!!!!

Well when I do I'll try an get some pic's an post em.

Its worth just goin to the museum just to stand outside and look at the building if you ask me!!! One of my all time favorites!!!

I think that is resin by its tail and fin. Thats quite mad actually thinkin about it, you can actually picture how the fish has adapted its limbs that have fins into proper limbs. Or maybe thats me?!?!?! ha ha!! Might be losin it!!!!

Nice one. :D
Nice photos!!!

I was indeed in the NHM the other week and had the pleasure of seeing the Architeuthis head in the darwin centre (battered but beautiful). It is a remarkable collection. If any of you guys are in london GO! (I'll also try to dig out the photo I took of the model Architeuthis as well.....

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