Alice and Butter


Blue Ring
Sep 14, 2003
Alice's new tank is almost ready. I think that she can see it and is telling us to hurry up with it. Everything that we add to it, she will hang out on her tank and just watch us. I can't wait to get her in and have her be able to strech out. As you may know, we thought she was a pygmy and she is in a 30 gal tank, but she isn't and the tank is way too small. As soon as we realized how big she might get we started shopping for a new tank. We were going to go with 55, but she just keeps growing. Our budget and space availabe in our apartment can only accomadate a 90. She is very active. In fact, during the water change today, I had to play with her by dropping in toys to keep her away from the hose.
Butter is comming out in spurts. He doesn't seem to want much interaction with us, but we are still trying, just so as he matures, it isn't a totally new thing. We haven't found any toys that he likes yet, but are looking. It's pretty funny when you are going into Babies r Us for octopus toys.
We also have a new addition to the family. Not a ceph, but still interesting. We got a Mantis Shrimp, and he is really cool. No playing with him, as their nickname is Thumb Splitter.
I swear we might get an actual fish tank some day and get coarls going, but we seem to be having a hard time.
I'm going to be taking some more pictures tonight, so will hopefully be posting them tonight.
Thank you to everyone on the site for all your great support and help. We love this site.
Tim and Beth
Wow!! I am glad to hear they are both doing so well! I used to have a 70 gal. Wish I still did! 90 is a great size for Alice!

Can hardly wait to see the pictures!

Have you determined what species Alice is yet? Or did I miss that.
And Butter is a baby bimac, right?
Sounds like you're giving them wonderful homes!

We don't know what type Butter is. He doesn't look anything like Smedley, who was a bimac. We think Alice might be a Briareus. I guess they are very common off the Florida coast, which is where she supposedly came from. We have seen pictures of others very non scientifically have arrived at that conclusion.
Butter is Very dark. He is mostly black with a white stripe down his mantle. Even when he is in the sand, he pretty much stays the same. I don't know if this is because he is young or what. Can anyone reccomend a site that will help identify a species? That would be great.
I was just checking out all the octo pics again, and Butter looks a lot like spartacus. Don't know if anyone has been able to figure out what species he is yet, but it might be that. Butter was bought by our LFS at the market in Miami, so whoi knows where he came from originally.

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