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Pygmy Octopus
May 12, 2007
I am getting some sp. bandensis soon and am looking for some advice...what sized tank will i need for about 5-10 bandensis?And how long do I have to leave the tank running before i put in the cuttle?Also,while i'm running the tank, does there have to be any animals in there to start the nitrogen cycle?And should i put in all the decorations/hiding places etc. in or leave it blank until I have the cuttles?What other foods can i feed to baby cuttles besides mysids?Is the average lifespan of bandensis realy 7 months?Can i put in live rock instead of microalgae?because i can' find any microalgae.Lastly,might anyone have some bandensis eggs/juveniles to sell?

So many questions:confused: ...

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Morning Sam,

Please read everything you can on cuttle/octopus care. We have some great resources here that most of your questions can be answered. It takes time for a tank to go through the cycle and you need to give a new set up at least 3 months before you can add any type of ceph.

umm...one more thing.It seems some people have seen bandensis eggs for sale in seacrop.under what section are they?Or are they just not there anymore?

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