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actual volume vs. living volume


Pygmy Octopus
Apr 28, 2007
I've become very curious in getting a cuttle, particulary S. bandensis what i'm interested in is the volume that is needed. I've heard that 20 gallon tanks might be fine for keeping these creatures but the tank I'm currently interested in is 20 gallons total system volume, not living space volume. It is the m-tank by finnex ( http://www.oceanreeflections.com/headings.aspx?prodcat=Aquariums&heading=Finnex&page=1 ).

Any thoughts for those in the know?


Sep 16, 2005
Having two adult S. bandensis, I would recommend at least a 55 gallon. They like having enough space to move around. A 20 gallon is too small. I had mine in a 29 gallon until they were 5 months old when they got too cramped in the space (I had an already cycled 55 gallon). Another concern with a smaller tank is the amount of waste they produce. You need to have a good filtration system and check the water parameters often.

Look at the Ceph Care articles at the top of the page and/or pick up the June issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist for more information.

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