About ready to buy my bubble master!!!

Dec 14, 2007
I've been saving up for a while, and now all I'm left with is to buy the skimmer and live rock, in that order. I have a question though, I'm going for the ATI bubblemaster as my skimmer of choice, these things seem pretty amazing. I don't know whether to go with the 200 or 250 though. My tank will be a 75 main display for cuttles, 60 "secondary" display for either a reef or an octopus, a 50 gallon stock tank/fish isolation, then a 40 gallon sump so I will have about 200 gallons in the system. The 200 is rated to "aquariums up to 250 gallons" the 250 is for "500 + aquariums". I'm leaning more towards the 250 just because I want as efficient of a skimmer as possible, as in super skimming, the last thing I want is high nitrates, so what do you think?

Short version
Should I go with the ATI Bubblemaster 200 which is rated for aquariums up to 250 gallons or should I go with the 250 for 500+ gallon aquariums? This is for a 200 gallon cuttlefish/ceph/reef system, not single tank. would the 250 be too much over kill?

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Sep 16, 2005
There is not really an effect of overskimming, it is just that you will not have to empty the collection cup as often with the 250. I would go with the 250 especially since you are hoping to have cuttlefish and octopus in the same system.


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Sep 4, 2006
A small consideration. Note that I do not keep hard corals (only sofies) but I have read that hard coral keepers in particular feel that you can over skim a tank and not keep proper nutrition available for the corals. On the other hand the larger skimmer will help remove the excess coral food from the ceph tank(s). You might do some checking around on reef central and report back what you learn as your proposed set up and combinations are not often discussed on TONMO.