A Plea to Our Fearless Leader!

Nov 20, 2002
Hey there, Tony -- Now that the old board is being retired, it would be truly sad if all the collective brilliance of the TONMO gang were lost to posterior.... uh, posterity.

Therefore, I humbly beseech you, Kat, Nancy, Steve-O', and Colin to put together an online archive entitled "The Best of TONMO 2001-2002", in which the funniest jokes, stupidest puns, and most fascinating discussions (as per your discretion) of the old board are preserved for eternity, or at least until all our friends, relatives, and drinking buddies have read them.

What say ye?
Well, at the thought of the amount of work required by me for this, I answered number four. It also helped that, as I type, I'm currently done consuming the better half of a Hofbrau Muchen Oktoberfest -- have to get them in before Thanksgiving, before the Christmas beers come in...


I am in talks with some tech folk to see what can be done to convert the gems from the old board. Might have to be done manually though. Fear not, we'll figure something out. Might take some time though... *hick*
Did I read somewhere that most of the old Groaners got consolidated into article format by the industrious Lithographette? That should help...
Yep, this has been done, and I have it in my possession (thanks Litho!) but I've yet to launch it. Still forming the overall battle plan for dealing with the notes on the old board. :?

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