a Pic of "Squishy"

Hello V:

I think squishy is a great name for an octo. Cute looking little fella (or gal). If you haven't entered you tank into the OCTO database on the main page yet please do so when you get a chance.

Keep us updated as to how squishy is doing.

Squishy's adapting nicely- new behaviors are abundant

Less than a week and he/she/it (any ideas on sexing?) now sits at the top of the tank waiting to be fed every evening and has no concerns at all about taking shrimp from my hand!
I reach in with a piece, Squishy reaches out with a couple of tentacles, grabs it and tucks it under him, then sits there stuck to the glass eating. When he's done he cruises back to the hole in the live rock he's chosen for a den, usually stops and picks up a couple of old turbo snail shells along the way, tucks himself in, then closes the door with the shells.
Here's the original pic I posted, it's pretty bad but it was about 25 min after I put him in his tank for the first time and he has a frozen/thawed shrimp under him already :biggrin2:

I have a couple of new pix still in the camera of him doing his spiny, black and white trick- I'll post them tonight.
He has already begun flashing and bobbing at me when I come to the tank.

The tank is nowhere near done as far as landscaping and stuff, I wasn't planning on finding him at the LFS when I did and my girlfriend surprised me with buying him right then for my b-day, so I kind of had to scramble to get a workable home set up.

I'm hooked!

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