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Nov 20, 2002
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Hi all,

I've been meaning to mention this, but as I look over past posts, I notice that some of our good photos have disappeared. This is because they were links to a photo-posting site, and in time they seem to disappear.

Please don't let us lose these wonderful pics of your cephs (mostly octopuses and cuttlefish, I admit!).
Please post at least some of your pics direcly with your post so we'll alwasy have them. (let me know if you don't know how - after you compose your post, look under Additional Options, Attach Files and click on Manage Attachments).

Also, please consider submitting your best photos to our gallery.


blue-ring scenescence


While not pretty, I just posted to the gallery before and during senescence images of a Hapalochlaena lunulata female. We always put up the spectacularly colored shots, but I thought it might be nice to show what happens at the end. I was going to create a senescence thread and attach the images, but I couldn't figure out how to do it from the gallery (when the images are approved for posting). Now I think I figured it out, so the images may be in two places if you want to remove one set.



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Your photos are always excellent, interesting, and much appreciated.

We need photos from all stages of life, including the end, so thanks for posting these senescence photos.

I'd like you and others to post in the forums and contribute the same photos to the gallery, but I've sent a message to Tony to see whether this is the way to go.

Yes, I'm in agreement -- both places (if you don't mind). There may be a more efficient solution which I have not yet discovered (for example, there should be some software that would simple cull from all attachments and assemble them into a separate gallery for people to peruse, without requiring the submitter to upload twice)... I'll add it to my "Task Freak" list!
I am new to Tonomo. I live in Riverside California and want to start an octo tank. I just purchased a 60 gallon tank and am currently looking for the filters, sump tank, skimmer, and everything else that i need. One of my good friends owns a local pet shop and said he would get me everything i needed but, after listening to him and reading the forums, they contridic each other. What would you recomend? my tank does not have an over flow and he said that will not be an issue. the wet/dry filter comes with one. What equiptment should i buy? What about screens to make sure my octo doesnt kill him self or escape? What kind of an octo would you recomend? How long does my water need to cycle before i can purchase my octo? Purchasing one is not an issue. i was told to get everythign togeather first and worry about that later. I couldnt agree more but, What kind should i buy? Please give me some insight. Every time i go to search through forum, i get lost and there is just to much info and to many opinions. Any help would be GREATLY appriciated. Thank you,
Click on Articles at the top. There are several about caring for an octopus. After you read those if you still have questions browse the boards and post some threads yourself if you can't find the information. Most people like Bimac octopuses the best, but there are lots of kinds that do fine in an aquarium. Three months is the minimum cycling time.
why do you have to cycle the water for 3 months??? seems kind of long doesnt it??? Obviously you guys know best but, that just seems long compared to a reef tank.
:welcome: to TONMO!

As shipposhack said, the ARTICLES tab at the top is the best starting point for more information. There's also an "introduce yourself" forum if you'd like to do that.

As far as the 3 month cycle time, that's really what's necessary for any saltwater tank to completely stabilize. The difference is that cephs are particularly sensitive to water quality fluctuations that you can get away with in other cases, so you run a big risk of hurting an octo if it's put into a tank that might not be completely stable yet.

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