A good read :)

"Could that nondescript, paunchy guy sitting next to you on the bus be Saddam Hussein?

It's medically possible, say plastic surgeons.

The former Iraqi leader, not seen publicly since at least April 9, could conceivably be nearly healed from soft-tissue plastic surgery and have the look of a dapper businessman, a mustache-free version of his younger self, or an uglier man than he ever was.

Given a bit more healing time, he could have his facial structure transformed so dramatically that even members of his inner circle and high-tech facial recognition programs would have trouble recognizing him."

Michael S. James
April 23, 2003
Clem said:
"Could that nondescript, paunchy guy sitting next to you on the bus be Saddam Hussein?

are you trying to say that steve really isnt steve but is really a deposed dictator? actually it wouldnt be a bad disguise....what % of the pop do you think actually knows what a teuthologist is?
No, no, a thousand times no. I swore to Steve that his image would suffer no more digital modifications at my hands. Saddam has nothing to do with Steve. Stop trying to get me in trouble.

Clem, swearing against facial modifications of Steve

Okay okay... You have managed to find me out... I am actually Tariq Aziz, and not only am I FROM Iraq, I listen to classic rock. I have a pet Octarok (for all you Legend of Zelda fans), and my favorite sci-fi character is Mr. Spock.

Wow, so Steve is Saddam Hussein? I sense a vast conspiracy including the CIA, FBI, Cthulu, the Spice Girls, and The Roswell Aliens. :goofysca: Just because I'm paranoid, doesn't mean that you all aren't out to get me too...

Sushi and Hummus,

dang, phil has raised the bar once again....with my propensity for changing avatars, i shouldve thought of that....

oh well, good job :beer:
as for avatars, i just find a picture i like and use a photo program to get it small enough to fit in a 125pixel box... otherwise my lack of skill with the mouse is clearly visible... (ive lopped of the hands of MSS more than once) so dont feel bad....
at least you didnt make me a queen.....thats a bit more traditional card format... i was going to include myself, and anyone else i could find pictures of on the site.... of course giving you a spot as king or ace.... personally i was going to use the octo on my head picture for my card....

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