a dry squid cowboy?


Aug 24, 2006
I am a hardcore Giant Squid enthusiast. I created a cartoon called Dry Squid Cowboy. It can be seen here:

I am from San Francisco, but I currently live in Tokyo. I am amazed at how much people here love to eat squid. I do not eat squid do to my respect for them. Any other squid enthusiasts in the TOkyo area???? hit me up I will talk for hours about the mysterious aliens on Earth. Oh and I think the name Earth should be changed to Water. Planet Water just makes more sense.
well, that ones ganna give me nightmers... JK. welcome to tonmo... BTW: who does the kids voice in your cartoon?

are squids more intelligent?


i live 2 doors down from Evan, and saw your dry squid
cartoons. liked em a lot.

i study artificial intelligence, and i read that squid are REEEALY
smart... they use colors and such.

do they have feelings? emotions?:rainbow: :bonk: :bugout:
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