A cephalomusical groaner (For Tani?)

Nov 20, 2002
Clem said:
Her legs-and there are twelve-
are like great tentacles,
unjointed, and upon her serpent necks
are borne six heads like nightmares of ferocity

So, if we are to be truly accurate, Scylla had 72 heads.



Ahem.... according to translations I've seen:

  • "And therein dwelleth Scylla, yelping terribly. Her voice indeed is no greater than the voice of a new-born whelp, but a dreadful monster is she, nor would any look on her gladly, not if it were a god that met her. Verily she hath twelve feet all dangling down; and six necks exceeding long, and on each a hideous head [emphasis mine], and therein three rows of teeth set thick and close, full of black death."
Yo.... "on each." Deal with it.

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