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5 Cuttle eggs coming tomorrow

Do you not have a refugium you can collect some amphipods from? Or someone you know. Just grab some cheato and sort through until you find some smaller ones.
Well I won't find any amphipods unless I put them in there myself I'm guessing.

And the mysids came this morning and the older cuttle ate 2 while the ones that hatched during the mornings of Thursday and yesterday still haven't eaten. The eldest cuttle ate 2 mysids on his second day of being alive, so maybe these two will eat later.
My cuttle has eaten 4 mysids in 5 hours, I'm sure he's been starving since Thursday. There's 1 left in the breeder box and the 2 younger cuttles still show no interest in eating.
Great video....I am not as lucky as you. I see the grass shrimp in their tentacles but never the catch. Glad they are eating so well.
Yeah I know what you mean, usually nearly every time I go and check on the tank the eldest cuttle has a mysid in his grasp. He does like to stuff his face though

I'm still surprised the younger two haven't eaten, the first ate his second day and both of these younger ones were born in the early mornings of last Thursday and Friday. I suppose there time will come
Hm, I just now noticed how my smallest cuttle has a black dot on his underside that doesn't change colors when he does. He's nearly always white (while the other 2 are usually red/brown) and I can't tell if its just an organ showing throw his back or if its food (although I've yet to see him eat) or if its something else. Anyone familiar with the underside of a cuttle?
They frequently get "stuff" stuck to their underside but quickly falls off or blows off. Are you seeing that it is actual pigmentation? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Did this just show up or has he always exhibited the spot?
Well I've never really seen his underside till today so I can't tell if its been there from the get-go. And it doesn't look like a skin discoloration as much as it looks like something showing through its skin from the inside. I doubt I could get a good picture because the reason I saw it in the first place is I was moving the plastic breeder box and I guess water pressure slipped in through a crack on the bottom and made him tumble a bit. I can kinda of see a spot when I look from under the plastic box but its really unclear due to the angle I have to look at it from.

I don't think it's debris, it might actually be his skin being a random color but I don't think he's making his skin have a black dot on it on purpose. In other words it's either a birthmark, something inside of him, or some injury. It's not debris and he's not creating it with chromatophores as far as I can tell.

And he's the smallest (yet the middle) of the trio. All he does is sit there, be white 90% of the time, and breathe. Only movement I really see is either him grabbing onto a nook on the bottom and swaying with the water, or sometimes he'll flee from the mysids when I put them in.
Well I've figured out what the black dot is, it's his ink gland and its leaking everywhere. He's been leaking ink since I first looked at him this morning at 10, so for nearly 6 hours now. He's not looking so good. Still completely white..
Well today I found the smallest, leaky cuttle floating at the top of its nursery :[

I can't really say for sure what happened, although he wasn't eating and he did have that inking issue...
Really sorry to hear you lost one. I think with cuttles its even harder because they take such intense care in the beginning and we invest so much time and effort (not to mention money) in them. I hope that your others continue to thrive.
The largest is still eating like a pig, so I'm sure he's doing great. But the only other 1 I have is still reluctant to eat. Or maybe he's just eating at night and I haven't taken notice. He seems to have barely grown, that's if hes grown at all

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