4 Months for Ink!

I think he's beautiful too :smile: ! Although, I have had many people take one look at my collection of Ink pictures at work, and say YUCK what is that!!!!! Guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say!!!

Today, my sons stopped in. One is almost 17 and the other 22. They couldn't believe how much Ink has grown! My oldest was playing hide and seek with him. Rob would duck down so Ink couldn't see him and you would see the eyeball coming up higher and higher till Ink found him!!! He seemed fascinated with my my oldest. I wonder if it's because he has totally shaved his head, so looks quite different from the normal human around here!!!

Anyway here's acouple new shots from today!!!! He sometimes, will sit and let me flash away, but sometimes, he trys to run away. The one shot of him on the side of the tank was a really different color pattern for him.

I can see how Ink could relate to someone with a shaved head - looks a lot more like an octopus :smile:

Ink looks like he is doing very well. What sort of tankmates does he have now?

Hi Nancy!

:lol: :lol: Cracked me up on the similarity of Rob's shaved head to an octo!!! Could be Ink related on a more personal level with him!!!!

Tank mates are boring!!! The serpent star is there, gives Ink compitition for food!!! One lone Killiefish, which has outsmarted him so far! And one little blue leg hermit crab he has not eaten. I add 10 local shrimp every so often and their population decreases until there is one who must be very good at escape!

Ink is lovely- I have come out of Lurkland, so I thought I'd post that, I've been following her (?) for a little while. 8) I may draw her soon, if that's ok.
I think Ink is a great looking girl! I love that black target looking spot with the turquois ring in it. So very cool! 8) You have one sweet octo!


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