3D Octopus (Help me)

And this is the line that the mantle should follow, attaching close to the ventro-lateral face of the head/eye.


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tentacle test.


They are offset now, but when that offset is repeated 100s of times, it looks lined up again. That's the best I can do for now..

Edit: The suckers would probably be a lot smaller near the end, but again that's the best I can do for now. I'm looking for a better videocard. The suckers are starting to chug my system, and I've only dealt with one so far. x8 might be nuts.
... excuse my ignorance, but are you able to make that thing move? (like in the end product and all?). If so it will be the best thus far!

I really am impressed (I've done a lot of animatic work before, as consultant, and haven't seen anything so well done, or done so fast!!).
When are some of you talented folks going to make me a dissectable 3D cephalopod? I'd expect the giblets to be a helluva lot of fun to model.

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