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300 Octo Baby's

Oct 30, 2006
HI every one i've not been on in some time do too up gradeing my reef tank from a 30 gallon to a 75 gallon and i all so moved my octo too a smaller tank i didn't whant too but i had too.. she was in a 30 gallon and i moved her too a 10 gallon way too small i know but she's been doing fine she's been in there for a about a 4 weeks she whent in too hiden for about 4 weeks not real sure on how long it was... i was giving her snails she would'nt eat them right away.. 1 to 2 aweek. i thought she was ill BUT today monday february 12 2007 i woke up and had about 300 baby octo's.. i put up some pic's for you too see..


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