[Octopus]: 2nd try: Kim Jong Un


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Jun 17, 2014
Update! I found him inside the filter. I'm aware that they can fit in wherever their beak can fit in, but the only way into that filter is through really tiny grills which I actually didn't think he would fit through. I am once again amazed by octopuses. After turning off the filter and emptying it from all kinds of swamps, I today found him inside the green bottle you can see in one of the first pictures (actually I found snail shells covering the entrance and confirmed it by putting food there which he grabbed). Though I know he was there, I have barely seen him for a few sec after I found him so I have no idea if he is hurt considering the filter has a propella. So my question is: how big of a concern is the filter and the circulation pumps? I could cover the pumps with stockings, but that would completely strangle them and leave them with barely any flow. Any ideas? Found this while looking for a picture example of the filter, so think that kind of solved that problem: http://s1014.photobucket.com/user/starstriders/media/IMG_3646_zpsfbf0cf15.jpg.html
So how do you guys handle the flow?
IMG_3888.JPG I have 2x these

Edit: When I give him food by the bottle he takes it in and throws it out again after half an hour. I think he ate some of it, but not much and I gave him half a scampi. Does that sound alright or should he eat more?
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