#2 (Tuvalu)

Here's an excerpt from WetWebMedia.com

(Oreaster reticulatus), a large starfish common in the Turtle grass beds of the tropical west Atlantic. Growing to twenty inches in diameter, it consumes mollusks, even oysters in heavily calcified, tightly shut shells, methodically and with a voracious appetite. Like others in this fascinating Class, the Reticulated Seastar possesses a cleverly evolved arsenal of hydraulic tube feet connected to an elaborate water-vascular system that encircles the animal's mouth and extends via five radial canals down the center of each arm.
Tuvalu - missing footage

I found some video of Tuvalu I had overlooked when I captured everything onto my hard drive. Fun stuff.

Please, for the sake of sanity, mute or turn your volume way down. There's some random TV audio, dogs barking, Alayna telling me to do stuff while I'm filming...etc.


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