2 Clean Up Crews - Under 50 Bucks - Last Day at this Incredible Price

Jul 22, 2018
Visit AquariumDepot.com for these 2 Amazing Clean Up Crews

The best part about Clean Up Crews is that will eliminate the excess food and waste that is often trapped within your rock, out of reach by the fish. The clean up crew is made up of small reef cleaners that are made for this type of work, specifically extracting the yuck from the crevices in your tank. If that waste is left behind, you will see an uptick in phosphates which can cause a serious algae explosion. We recommend getting ahead of this by having an arsenal of reef cleaners to do the job.

If you already have excess algae growth in the form of green or brown algae on the glass, turbo snails or trochus snails are your best bet to remove it, unless you want to scrape the viewing windows of your tank daily.

Please note - an excessive amount of algae eating snails will do the job quickly, however once they have cleaned the glass and no more algae exists, they will die and their death will start the problem again. Nassarius Vibex Snails are thought to be algae eaters, however they are detritus eaters much like a crab. Nassarius Snails will remove dead critters, waste, left over food from the sand bed or rock work. They will not die due to lack of food as they will also eat flake or pellet food.

These 2 crews are specially prices, however the price will rise as this sale ends today (11.03.2018) at 23:59pm PST - Visit AquariumDepot.com to get yours.

Check out this cute brittle star video - he is so excited for his dinner



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