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1914 Scientific literature on Giant Squid


Jan 30, 2003

I am a freshwater mussel biologist in Tennessee. So why am I at a cephalopod site?

While reviewing some literature for a document I am preparing (about mussels) I found something interesting I just had to pass along to some of my fellow biologist-types.

In: The Nautilus (periodical) v28, 1914 p22-23

There is a brief article titled "Another Giant Squid in Monterey Bay" describing a giant squid that "weighed close to 500 pounds" that was caught by some fishermen.

Following this article is another titled "Large Squid on the Oregon Coast" which describes a lighthouse keeper's wife in Newport, OR discovering a giant squid washed ashore, the article states the wife called her husband and the assistant light keeper and the 2 men gaffed the live (???) squid and pulled it ashore then killed "the monster". The squid was described: Tentacles were 7 feet long, the body was 28 inches, body proper was over 6 feet long, making it over 16 feet from tip to tip, It had a diamond shaped tail 27 inches across.

I know virtually nothing about giant squid (aside from what I've seen on Discovery Channel). I thought it would be in the spirit of furthering scientific research to share this information with a group that may be interested.

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