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150 Gallon Cuttle Farm Army tank build!

Feb 18, 2005
Heres a little update on my setup.

I plumbed in a Food section. Im using a gravity fed design. A rodi sized tube has been added to my overflow that siphones water into this chamber. I have drilled the bottom of this tank and put a standpipe in it covered with a window mesh. This then drains through a 3/4" tube to the sump.

I currently am raising a batch of 7 Bandensis which are almost a month old at the moment. Ill create a different post for these guys =)

During the first 4 weeks, I housed 200 mysids easily in this chamber. I just moved to purchasing shore shrimp and it is now holding 250 larger shrimps. Its very crowded in there, but they are all alive and eating.

Here are recent pics of my aquascaping.

Im growing higher light corals on top of the tank. The tank is 30 " tall, so the light does get change in intenisty a great deal as it goes down the tank. The shelf structures of the rock creates a variety of shading.
Dec 16, 2005
Do you still have a short light cycle on there even with the SPS? Or are you leaving them on longer because you are housing S. Bandensis instead of S. Officinalis?
Feb 18, 2005
The Bandensis are still in the baby chamber. Im still experimenting with the light cycle and probably will continue until I place the cuttles in and see how they react. Right now the halides are on 5 hours and T5s are lighting the rest of the time. In nature , Bandensis are found over coral reefs and coastal shallow waters. I will attempt to replicate this environment to some degree. Ive recently added my second vortech pump and both are being wirelessly controlled on a reef crest mode.


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
How about a full tank shot? Looking Great! As always, the addition is perfect for your motif! If I were into Goth I would be sooo jealous but my simple oriental doesn't need the degree of creativity (love seeing it though). What is the decorative structure that looks like metal made of (resin?), How much water does it hold and did you make the "tank" part for it yourself of find something that was water tight? I am looking for creative ideas for a fuge that will be fully visible for the "next year" tank and the housing intrigues me. Thanks (and start that Bandensis journal ... Please!)
Nov 29, 2007
Very nice thread and tank setup! I am a reefer too, and I too did the great stuff "frocks" as I dubbed them. Buoyant is not even a fair word for that stuff. I am suprised it doesn't float in air!. One of our local reefers has an entire tank done in great stuff, and once the coraline grows on it, it looks more natural than natural rocks do! I do the same kind of style aquascaping, lots of dangerous balancing, and tons of archways etc for my tangs to speed through as they race each other around the tank. Again, sweet setup, the corals look great!

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