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May 30, 2000

UPDATED 10/4/15: (update: Live broadcast details and final agenda)

I am super-pleased to announce the date and venue for TONMOCON VI (#tcon6), our biennial cephalopod conference. Our location will be Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, in Sarasota Florida, October 9-11, 2015, with the main presentations happening on Saturday 10/10. This is the same location as TONMOCON II in 2007, and we are thrilled to be partnering with them again for what is sure to be another awesome conference.

You'll notice that the date coincides with the annual Cephalopod Awareness Days; this is no mistake. I'd like to thank Brian Siegel and Jason Robertshaw for their support in helping us partner with Mote for this exciting event.

Pricing for the event is $30 per attendee (buy access here). Please see below for more information about this event. Also, you can check out these articles for more information about past TONMOCONs, or peruse our TONMOCON forum.

  • Friday October 9: arrive & meet and greet
  • Saturday October 10: presentations (see agenda below)
  • Sunday October 11: Mote Aquarium visit - note, your TONMOCON badge will get you complimentary access to the Mote Aquarium for the weekend!
  • Hotel (10/9/15 - 10/11/15) at the Lido Beach Resort - 866.306.5457 (limited rooms available as of 9/20)
  • LIVE Streaming Broadcast available here - TONMOCON VI Announced - for FREE
Trailer video:

Actual event:


Friday: meet & greet at Lido Beach Resort.

Saturday: Presentations at the Keating Center at Mote

Please note: breakfast/coffee will NOT be provided

8:00am: Reception / sign in / grab your badges
8:45am: Tony Morelli ( Founder, Webmaster) Intro / Update
9:15am: Brian Siegel (Mote): raising octopus from eggs, both large egg (O.mercatoris and O.briareus) and small egg species (O. vulgaris)
10:00am: Dr. James Wood: deep sea octopuses
10:55am: Chelsea Bennice (PhD student): niche partitioning study between two octopus species (Octopus vulgaris and Macrotritotpus defilippi)
11:40am: Adam Daw (Marinebio_guy on TONMO) Insight into the biology and ecology of octopuses inhabiting the near-shore coral reef habitat of Hawai‘i Island, with emphasis on two unclassified species Abdopus sp. 1 and Octopus cf. vitiensis.
12:15pm: BREAK FOR LUNCH (lunch included with conference access)
12:50pm: Brett Bolte: How Did Nautiluses End Up at an Iowa High School?
1:00pm: Dr. Greg Barord (The Nautilus Files): Rediscovering One of the Rarest Animals in the World: The Search for Allonautilus scrobiculatus, aka, the Fuzzy Nautilus
1:45pm: Gabrielle Winters (PhD student): Cephalopod Neurogenomics: Insights into the evolution of complex brains
2:30pm: Bret Grasse (Monterrey Bay Aquarium): “Got Ink!? Bigfin Reef Squid (Sepioteuthis lessoniana) Display and Culture" and an update on the MBA Tentacles Exhibit
3:15pm: Richard Ross (CA Academy of Sciences): via remote broadcast: Collecting, keeping and breeding Cephs at the Academy of Sciences
4:00pm: Dr. Kat Bolstad, Aaron Boyd Evans, Heather Braid (ALCES / AUT Lab for Cephalopod Ecology and Systematics): via remote broadcast; Integrative Taxonomy, Dissection, and Weird / Wonderful Show & Tell
4:45pm: Tony Morelli: Wrap-up: Monty Awards, Raffles

Sunday: Aquarium visit. Your #tcon6 badge is your free pass to the aquarium!! Molly the Giant Squid will be on display!


Tony Morelli
Founder and Webmaster,
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May 30, 2000
researching hotel options, group rates... hope to follow up by end of month?

Jan 11, 2011
Sometimes I've been asked "being a squiddly couple, did you plan your wedding to follow the octopus days?" Because it does follow: octopus day, nautilus night, squid day, my anniversary.

That, however, is just a happy coincidence. In the dark ages when we got married, cephalopod days were not recognized.

In truth, I figured that because 11 Oct was thanksgiving, I'd just never be able to forget my anniversary :smile:

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