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  1. A

    New bimac

    Hey, TONMO I know I haven't been posting lately, but I've still been keeping up to date. Recently I have obtained a new Bimac, I have officially named him Nemo :). I've had him for three months, he's in my new tank and so far everything has been great. He loves clams and likes crabs. I'll post...
  2. Joe-Ceph

    I have a wild caught baby bimac to give away

    I've got a wild caught baby bimac to give away to anyone who can convince me they know how to take care of it, and is willing to pay a shipping company to ship it from La Mesa, Ca (91942 (near San Diego)). I'm willing to pack it in a Styrofoam box, in a bag with oxygen, and drop it off at the...
  3. Wild Bimac - Small - 2

    Wild Bimac - Small - 2

  4. Wild Bimac - Small - 1

    Wild Bimac - Small - 1

  5. Joe-Ceph

    I need advice to catch a bimac in San Diego

    I live in San Diego, and I want to catch my own bimac. Does anyone with knowledge and experience have some advice for me? I can SCUBA dive, freedive, or wade in tidepools. I even have a small boat, so I can get to whereever I need to be. I just don't know where that is. I've started looking...