tom hlavac

  1. Tom Hlavac

    GPO Encounter February 18 2023

    This encounter occurred on February 18, 2023 near Nanoose, BC, Canada (of Vancouver Island's Salish Sea coast).
  2. Tom Hlavac

    PGOs at Madrona Point, Vancouver Island, January 9, 2021

    There currently are 2 PGOs residing in the deep horizontal crack at Madrona's big wall. A third has burrowed a den at the bottom just east and below this crack. The Madrona PGOs feed primarily on the local crab population, there isn't a swimming scallop bed nearby.
  3. Tom Hlavac

    4 PGOs at Madrona Point, Vancouver Island

    Some clips of small to mid sized (up to 25 lbs) PGOs at Madrona Point (a shore dive site near Parksville on Vancouver Island, Canada:
  4. Tom Hlavac

    PGOs at Madrona Point, Vancouver Island

  5. Tom Hlavac

    PGOs at Cottam Point, Vancouver Island

    Returned to Cottam Point last Thursday with a buddy. One of the PGOs was a female on eggs. The other reached out of the den and checked out my dive buddy. These are flat boulder dens, in a swimming scallop area, and are "historical" dens. These dens can be reached from the beach access at...
  6. Tom's Video

    Tom's Video

    is this mating or aggression?
  7. Tom Hlavac

    Dive Report Cottam Point November 7 2017

  8. Tom Hlavac

    Dive Report Madrona Point October 30 2017

    Some clips from a dive at Madrona Point, BC, on October 30, 2017:
  9. Tom Hlavac

    9 Pacific Giant Octopus at Madrona Point - July 30 2017 Dive Report

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