tank size

  1. K1ngW0rm

    50 gallon Low Boy suitable for S. bandensis?

    I'm planning on starting a small breeding colony of Sepia bandensis. I've begun cycling a 50 gallon Low Boy with a 20 gallon sump that I plan to load with macroalgae (another hobby of mine). However one of the care articles I read mentioned that bandensis prefer deep water tanks and seem more...
  2. Theitalyanstallion

    Ideal Tank Dimensions for a Bimaculoid

    Hi! I am going to have a custom tank made for a bimac, and wanted to know what dimensions would be perfect for a bimac? I know Octopus are bottom-dwellers, so a tank with more width than usual would be beneficial. I’m shooting anywhere from 50-75 gallons in volume. Please let me know your...