1. T

    Nautilus Shell request for educational purposes

    Hello Everyone, I work for a non profit aquarium in San Francisco that runs educational programs for the public. I am putting together a project that involves talking about how cephalopods have shown the reduction of an external shell from the nautilus shell down to the complete absence of a...
  2. V

    Help Identifying Nautilus Shell

    Hello. I went to an auction and bid on a lot. Turns out there were three shells in the lot with a bunch of other miscellaneous items. A nautilus, and abalone and a MOP. I am trying to get more information on the nautilus because I know zero about them, not that I know that much more about the...
  3. iammegangreen

    Flaky Nautilus Shell?

    Does anyone have experience with their nautilus having their shell "flake?" The "flakes" are very thin, translucent pieces that peel off on the lateral sides of the shell. I've scrubbed it lightly with a baby toothbrush once but it has started to flake again. Is this normal or something I should...
  4. DWhatley

    ? Nautilus shell growth

    From @Architeuthoceras I understand that ammonites grew new shell chambers and "moved" forward into the new growth, keeping and closing off the old housing. Somehow I had it in my head that this was true of the nautilus as well because they also have chambers and a siphuncle running through the...
  5. DWhatley

    6000-7000 Year Old Nautilus Shells Found

    THE NAUTILUS DEATH CENOTE MAPES, Royal, Dept of Geological Sciences, Ohio University, 316 Clippinger Laboratories, Athens, OH 45701, [email protected], LIGNIER, Vincent, Laboratoire PPME, Université de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, BP R4, Nouméa, 98851, New Caledonia, LANDMAN, Neil H., Division of...
  6. gjbarord

    faux Nautilus shells

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping to get some good feedback from the community on this possibility. So please give me any suggestions or concerns you may have. What are the odds that you would purchase a manufactured nautilus shell from a "shell store" or gift shop instead of a real nautilus...