1. Andi

    Cultural learning behaviour in Southern Reef Squid? Teaching behaviour??

    Hi TONMO! On July 30th I introduced a newly caught Southern Reef Squid ("Possum") to the tank a smaller one ("Squidouardo") had been in since July 19th, in a quarantine/spare tank in the non-public area of a local public aquarium in Auckland. I took a few video clips - link to shared folder...
  2. DWhatley

    Breeding Journal, Species: Sepioteuthis sepioidea

    Breeding Journal DataSheet General Species: Sepioteuthis sepioidea Social Structure: Equal sized individuals in schools 4-50 Size of Individuals: Age of Individuals: Date added to Tank: 2012-02-02 Broodstock Tank Details Size of Tank: 37 gallons with 15 gallon sump (~10...
  3. T

    YEsss, I just caught a baby cuttle fish!!

    Aloha all, Im so excited , I went snorkeling today and caught a baby cuttle fish. He is one inch long! I have some live copepods for him to feed on. Will he eventually take frozen mysis? This is the coolest animal I have had yet. I seen him cruising along on the surface and I was shocked...

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