sepia bandesis

  1. K1ngW0rm

    Worms as cuttlefish food?

    I've been culturing grindal worms and microworms for my freshwater side of the hobby. I just recently learned that both species survive up to 12 hours in marine conditions and have been feeding them successfully to my mixed reef tank. My question is has anyone heard of any studies done with...
  2. K1ngW0rm

    50 gallon Low Boy suitable for S. bandensis?

    I'm planning on starting a small breeding colony of Sepia bandensis. I've begun cycling a 50 gallon Low Boy with a 20 gallon sump that I plan to load with macroalgae (another hobby of mine). However one of the care articles I read mentioned that bandensis prefer deep water tanks and seem more...
  3. SquidArcher

    How old should my s. bandensis be before i offer food?

    After lots of research for multiple years, I finally bi the bullet and got 14 s. bandensis eggs through the lfs that I work at. I am not sure when they will hatch, and I can't find any specific articles or pages that say how old they should be when offered food. I have found a source for live...
  4. ReefGirlVicki

    Help needed with my Sepia Bandensis Dwarf Cuttlefish eggs

    Cuttlefish have been something I’ve always been fascinated with & have wanted for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I’ve tried to do as much research on them as possible. I’m mainly interested in Flamboyant (Metasepia pfefferi) & Dwarf (Sepia bandensis) but unfortunately there is still...

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