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  1. Fishgeek1979

    [Cuttlefish Eggs]: Officinalis Eggs Found in Garden

    Thought I would introduce myself and why I joined today. I live on South Coast of the UK and been a aquarium keeper for about 25 years, I currently have a 900l reef tank and I am completely obsessed with this hobby and particularly attracted to anything odd ball or unusual. I live right on the...
  2. Mike Bauer

    I think that the Sepia officinalis are much priiterier than the dwarf cuttlefish

    After keeping Sepia officinalis cuttlefish first, I think that they are much more (prettier) attractive than the dwarf cuttlefish. The colors and attitude seem different. The dwarfs are not as active and less interactive with people at the tank. Mine use to beg for food and get mad when I...