octopus tank

  1. T

    Sansibar Rock: is it a good choice for octopus?

    Hi there, everybody… Is it true that sansibar rocks are not a good choice for an octopus tank? Someone told me they may cause harm to invertebrates, including octopus…the explanation had something to do with the rock composition…too alkaline, compared to live rock…(don’t know if it makes any...
  2. Theitalyanstallion

    Ideal Tank Dimensions for a Bimaculoid

    Hi! I am going to have a custom tank made for a bimac, and wanted to know what dimensions would be perfect for a bimac? I know Octopus are bottom-dwellers, so a tank with more width than usual would be beneficial. I’m shooting anywhere from 50-75 gallons in volume. Please let me know your...

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