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  1. Squid vs. Thor: Teuthid Imagery in Norse Mythology

    Squid vs. Thor: Teuthid Imagery in Norse Mythology

    By Adam Eli Clem, 2003 In "The Prose Edda" of Snori Sturlason, a compendium of Norse pagan myths written in 1220 A.D., Thor, the Norse god of thunder, twice encounters a creature known as Jormungander, the "World Serpent," also known as the Midgard Serpent. Jormungander was said to be one of...
  2. DrPusSea

    All the Kraken News you could wish for

    Follow our updates of all things Kraken here: Kraken News - Release Your Kraken! Cannibal horrors! Apocalypse! Cthulhu rises! Kraken invasion on a Welsh beach. The end is nigh!