1. Morphology of Fossil Cephalopod Shells

    Morphology of Fossil Cephalopod Shells

    Covering Terminology used in the Description of Externally Shelled Cephalopods (Nautiloids and Ammonoids) By Kevin Bylund Note: Kevin welcomes discussion on this article in the Cephalopod Fossils forum. The structure secreted by the mantle of cephalopods for protection or neutral buoyancy is...
  2. Comparative Morphology of Cephalopod Armature

    Comparative Morphology of Cephalopod Armature

    Graeme Walla 4BSc Zoology 021647662 Dr. Allan Jones University of Dundee Table of Contents: Abstract & Introduction Basic Overview of the Cephalopod Basic Limb Terminology The Use of Suckers A Brief Description of Cavitation Decapod Sucker Morphology Functional Morphology Structural Morphology...
  3. V

    Cephalopod radula needed for research please!

    Hello All, My research abstract was chosen to be shared as a poster presentation at the 2018 Cephalopod International Advisory Council Conference in Florida in November! I am excited to be part of the community and to meet anyone presenting or attending! My research involves cephalopod...
  4. sionnansinn

    How many testicles does an octopus have?

    I almost feel foolish asking this question but my fascination for the octopus is far more advanced than my humble knowledge of it. I cannot seem to find the answer here. searching elsewhere online the common answer is eight but the diagram of the testes sac does not seem to support this. Also...
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