1. alphaceph

    Blue Ring Octopus Tank (Hapalochlaena)

    Bought two blue-ringed octopuses 2 days ago. I have 125 liter reef tank& Over-spec bubble magus curve A9 skimmer, live rock, BioGro bacteria supplement every week etc. Currently water quality is as follows: pH ~8,1, ammonia 0ppm, nitrite ~0,05-0,1 ppm (increased after introduction of octopuses)...
  2. Mating Octopus (Abdopus-aculeatus)

    Mating Octopus (Abdopus-aculeatus)

    Just in time for Valentine's Day 2012, Dr. Roy Caldwell shared some astonishing photos of two mating A. aculeatus. Note that these images are very rare and the quality is high. Photos may not be reused without permission Sea of Love An Abdopus aculeatus male perches on a rock keeping an eye...
  3. A aculeatus female with male 2 Feb 2011 A.jpg

    A aculeatus female with male 2 Feb 2011 A.jpg

    Male Abdopus aculeatus probing a female with his hectocotylus.
  4. H lunulata male mounting 8 8 14 a med rlc.jpg

    H lunulata male mounting 8 8 14 a med rlc.jpg

    Male Hapalochlaena lunulata mounting a female. As sexual contact occurs the male usually assumes a lighter background color than the female.
  5. Love's arrow driving home the point!

    Love's arrow driving home the point!

    Abdopus sp? female with a male's hectocotylus inserted and passing a spermatophore.
  6. JLArana7

    Beahvior ID

    I live in Palau and found two day octopuses (octopus cyanea) engaged. I'm not sure if they were mating, fighting to mate, or just fighting. Was hoping to clarify the behavior through a couple of screenshots. I have about a minute of video, before I moved off. They did not seem to appreciate...
  7. Polpessa

    Questions: S latimanus breeding / life cycle

    Questions about S latimanus: 1) When is mating season for S latimanus in Lembeh, Sulawesi, Indonesia? Is the time of year location specific or is mating season the same time all over SE Asia for example? 2) How long does their mating season last? 3) Do both males and females die soon after...
  8. O Chierchiae Male Attempts Mating Through Door 5 25 2016

    O Chierchiae Male Attempts Mating Through Door 5 25 2016

    A small male O. chierchiae attempts to mate with a female who is blocking the entrance to her cavity using a piece of coral rubble as a door. The male successfully inserted his hectocotylus (third right arm visible at 4 o'clock) through a crack in the door and appeared to pass a spermatophore.
  9. Thales

    Flamboyants at California Academy of Sciences

    Holy cow! Here is the text I wrote for a blog: Here is a crazy pic of a 'floater'. I think she is doing the weird thing with her arms to help keep her back wet, but I might be making that up.
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